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Buy one get one free on our Easy Mover joint supplement!

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Supporting your horses mobility

Easy Mover joint supplement for horses

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Easy Mover - Brilliant all round care for your horses joints and supporting tissues

**Available online or over the phone for a limited time**

  • Your horse may not be on maximum workload at present but you probably want an economical way to keep them comfortable so we are offering a BOGOF on our fabulous Easy Mover supplement!
  • Easy Mover looks after the joints AND the tissues that support those joints (tendons, ligaments and muscles).
  • Powerful liquid formulation for great bioavailability.

Mobility Vs joint supplements

A key point to remember when looking for a supplement is that there is a difference between a joint and a mobility supplement. A joint supplement will only address the nutrients required immediately around the joint, whereas a mobility supplement will also be taking care of all the soft tissues involved in movement. At EquiFeast we believe that there is little value in providing nutrition for the immediate joint if the surrounding soft tissues are not being provided with the same level of nutritional care. This is why we include a spectrum of nutrients in our mobility supplement Easy Mover & do not supply any joint only supplements.

EquiFeast can help...

Easy Mover:

A liquid joint supplement for horses. Easy Mover is a complete mobility supplement designed to support the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.

By supplementing with Easy Mover, your horse’s mobility needs will be covered.

  • Easy Mover:
  • Promotes flexibility
  • Supports lubricated joints
  • Maintains joint integrity
  • Supports the muscles and soft tissues
  • Comprehensive joint and mobility support

Easy Mover joint supplement for horses

Order now EquiFaest

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