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Changes to the CORE&MORE feed range

NEW! EssentialCORE plus product name changes


Recent analysis of our customer database showed that a surprising large number of horses settled best on diets with NO ADDED MAGNESIUM in them. That means no magnesium added to feeds or feed balancers as well as no added magnesium in supplements. The challenge is that whilst there are a few feeds with no added magnesium finding feed balancers like that is really hard – until now. Remember that grass and hay provides well in excess of the recommended levels of magnesium to horses so this isn’t really a surprise at all.

EssentialCORE is a comprehensive vitamin, mineral, essential oil and limiting amino acid balancer on a base of high fibre, low starch and low sugar wheat germ. It incorporates the latest chelated mineral technology. This has proved to be highly palatable offering and it competes directly with the feed balancers from the major companies.

Product name changes


Accompanying the introduction of EssentialCORE is a name change to our previous “The CORE”. The CORE now becomes “CoolCORE” reflecting that it is EssentialCORE plus our legendary Cool, Calm & Collected supplement.

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