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Horse: Don Quixote
Owner: Michelle Dorsey
Country: USA
Genetic state: Px/Px 
Time into trial being reported: 16 days
EquiFeast supplements fed: LAM Essentials

He has been on the program for a little over 1 month and after a week and a half I noticed progress in his ability to move much better. After a bit under 3 weeks he was cantering much more fluently and able to hold the canter. He seems to be calmer and not as nervous and spooky as he once was. His coat gleams. I have a short video I am going to attempt to attach . It is not as good as some of his previous canter in that he is turning off of his forehand and not doing a rollback, but the fact that he can canter is a huge improvement. This was AMAZING as this was a horse that had barely wanted to move. 

Also his sheath is no longer swollen and is a normal size now. I think I am going to be able to get on ride him like a normal horse. I don't know how this stuff is working but I haven't changed anything else.


Horse: Horse 1
Owner: Owner 1
Country: UK
Genetic state: Px/Px 
Time into trial being reported: 5 weeks
EquiFeast supplements fed: LamiCORE


Since changing my horse onto the EquiFeast feed and supplements my horse is much less anxious and spooky making him so much more pleasurable to look after. (I) received the MORE muscle and MORE Oomph yesterday so will let you know if this improves his lack of energy and ridden issues.

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