Radical Diet Changes Result in Huge Benefits for the Horse, its Rider and her Mum




“As you may recall, when we started out on our journey with CCC, we were ready to give up. Barbarossa was so nervous and spooky it was so frustrating to ride him.  We had excellent trainers at the time trying to help us with his behavior, including both a dressage trainer and a hunter/jumper trainer who we worked with at least 4 to 5 days a week.  We had him on so many supplements and so much magnesium and extra magnesium on top of the magnesium supplements.  CCC changed all that; even one of the trainers we were working with at the time noticed the difference in Barbarossa shortly after we started him on CCC and asked what we were doing different.  


At that time when we got Barbarossa straight with the CCC, he was still on grain containing magnesium, 2 scoops per day.  He was doing okay until we moved the horses to a new facility.  The move created a great deal of stress for Barbarossa and although he was doing the best he could not to be scared, he was much more nervous and spooky than he had become over the last 2 years.  That is when we decided to change his diet fully in accordance with EquiFeast’s advice.  


Removing the grain and magnesium has given me my horse back in just about 2 weeks.  I can actually tell he is happier and more confident not only by his behavior in the cross ties and under saddle but he calls out to me again from his stall when he hears me. After the transition to the new facility Barbarossa would hardly knicker at me when I arrived at the barn.  Now he is so happy again! He calls out with excitement when he knows I am near.


Thank you so much for all your guidance through this journey.  It has made a world of difference.  





EquiFeast comments

Most horse horse calmers work by impairing brain function and so dampening down the natural spook response. Some horses respond OK to this. Others actually become more anxious and spooky when under pressure. If you are thinking of trying EquiFeast’s radical “brain supporting” approach that probably means the sedation approach isn’t working for you.


Over the years since we first introduced chelated calcium calmers to the equestrian world we have struggled with two things. The first is “how does it work?” We approached the calcium expert at Bristol University and asked him this question. His answer was “If Britain allocated all of its’ science budget to trying to answer your question, in ten years’ time, we probably still won’t have an answer.

Is that a problem? Well if you want everything you put into your mouth or your horse’s mouth to be fully scientifically understood – yes it is a problem. But you will never take a paracetamol again because nobody knows how that works either – Google it.


Our desk research and horse field trials have enabled us to develop theories about chelated calcium and, more importantly we are getting better and better at identifying the common things in horse feeds and supplements that interfere with our chelated calcium. Since we want our new customers to have the best chance of getting a positive result with our products we are quite particular at explaining the things we prefer are not in the diet. Most commonly this is artificial sources of magnesium and some brain numbing herbs and amino acids.

If you use a formulated feed (grain) then eliminating magnesium can be very tricky. So our advice is a bit daunting for many people. So here is an American customer story that we hope will encourage you to take our advice seriously, eliminate artificial magnesium and talk to us through the process to “fine tune” for your individual horse.






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Please note - these are our customers' interpretation of what our products have done for their riding experiences. None of these stories have been verified by independent scientific tests.