'Best I have ever seen them!'





‘Great to see your boys, Harry and Frankie. They are both looking unbelievably well; probably the best I have ever seen them, which under the circumstances of lock down is a real credit to your management. It was Harry’s movement that particularly caught my eye; he seemed more even and was covering the ground better than I think I have ever seen him do.

Whatever you’re doing keep it up!!’


Anna Davison

Equine Charted Physiotherapist





‘Prior to treatment, Anna had no presumptions anything had changed for
Harry and Frankie.

Before I started working at EquiFeast, due to very little academic research, I didn’t actually understand the negative effects artificial magnesium was having on my boys.

Harry & Frankie had A LOT of artificial magnesium in their old diet. I soon changed this to CoolCORE MAG FREE, MORE Fibre and Easy Mover for joint support.

With the yard being on total lockdown I was unable to exercise them. After 3 weeks of being on lockdown and on the CORE&MORE Range, I was eventually able to go to the yard. I was expecting the worse and having to take them back to being long and low to aid stretching, which is normally the case when Harry has a week off... I was wrong!

Both boys felt amazing, Harry’s movements were the most fluid they have ever been. The way Frankie is going and his way of thinking is brilliant, and as a bonus both condition and coat have improved dramatically.’




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Please note - these are our customers' interpretation of what our products have done for their riding experiences. None of these stories have been verified by independent scientific tests.