Our CORE&MORE Range of balancers and complimentary feeds
put YOU in control! 

 How to take full advantage of the CORE&MORE Range: 

 1. Pick your CORE (Balancer) 

2. Pick your MORE (Complimentary Feed) 

3. Contact us for a 3 week review

4. Enjoy the results! 


Contact us today to get a FREE Diet review and to find out more information! 



 Not too sure which CORE? Try using our interactive CORE Selector.

 Not too sure which MORE? Try use our interactive MORE Selector.

  At EquiFeast we wanted to make things simple again when it comes to feeding - allowing you to know exactly what you are putting in your horses feed and what you can adjust according to workload, condition e.t.c. 

Once your horse / pony has been on the CORE&MORE Range for 3-4 weeks, contact us again for a catch up and review. By doing so, this allows us to ensure you are getting the most benefit from us!