Bad Things Magnesium can do to Your Horse




'Espirito was a chronic head shaker. Years ago he was part of an EquiFeast trial and we spent ages testing, trialling and evaluating different supplement ingredients. Two things helped enormously – chelated calcium and the removal of artificial magnesium from his feeds and supplements. He seems to be very sensitive to small amounts magnesium supplementation. It turns him into a looney and makes his head shaking worse.


A few years ago a shoulder injury put him out of action. I turned him out to grass and decided to put him on another manufacturer’s mineral supplement specifically designed to deal with the mineral imbalances in grass. This supplement contains magnesium (silly mistake). After 7 months, his behaviour changed to being spooky and silly and when he did come sound he was no longer safe to ride as he ended up bucking me off constantly. I soon realised this was because of the supplement so I took him off it and put him straight back onto Mag FREE Cool, Calm & Collected. The video clearly shows the effect.


What I love about EquiFeast is the support they provide to help fine tune things until it works. It’s not one cap fits all. So, when I recommend EquiFeast, I always mention that their customer care is second to none!’



The video below is Becky’s spooky and scared Espirito
Now a relaxed Espirito, who is also able to be long reined through a forest!






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