'By far the best product I've found on the market!'




 I am super impressed with not just this product, but the customer service too! My Welsh D was becoming girthy, nervous and unpredictable; I spoke at length with Malcolm at EquiFeast and decided to try him on the CoolCORE DIGEST.

The difference in Bilbo 5 weeks later is quite astonishing - he is soooo chilled, easy to catch (always been an issue), he thinks before reacting, or if he does react, he does so in a much calmer fashion, not sharp at all! I’ve got my "granny safe" cob back, I'm over the moon.

AND he looks AMAZING!! His coat is so shiny; this is by far the best product I've found on the market, it really works and saves you a bomb on balancers and antacids!


Thank you!!


Beckah and Bilbo 


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