For a number of years we thought there was probably an ideal level of magnesium to add to the diet. We actually reviewed diets and adjusted the magnesium to that level. We were wrong and now we are sure that ideal level is zero. Magnesium impairs brain function (which is why some people use it as a calmer - it is really a sedative). The chelated calcium in CCC works by getting the brain to work as well as possible.

Once we recognised this we started to look at the whole diets differently. What we discovered shocked us. About 95% of the diets we review for prospective customers have artificial magnesium added to them in the form of additives to feeds, chaffs and/or supplements. With multiple sources these can become quite high levels. Click here to understand why magnesium is such a problem.

So then we went through a phase of recommending feeds that have no magnesium added. Of the major feed manufacturers in the UK there is only one that uses almost no magnesium and they got our support. But customer feedback still showed more "disappointments" than we wanted. A review of that firm's products highlighted that there were some herbal ingredients (put in as flavourings) that had effects on the brain. Technically these are GABA agonists or GABA modulators. Think of them as Herbal Valium because they impact on the same receptor. So then we started to review GABA agonists in diets too. Back in 2017 about 30% of the UK diets we looked at had GABA active herbs in them. Now that figure has grown to 75% or more as feed firms are demonising molasses and using herbs to improve palatability.

With both GABA agonists and magnesium impairing brain function our CCC was struggling to overcome these things in so many diets. So now we try to review the diets of every new horse that comes to us as an enquiry. The result is that our "success first time" has improved (though we still "fine tune" for many horses). And our customer retention rate has improved enormously - indicating a better result for customers.

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Click here to read Laura McWhinnie's story of how her horse Arubah is going even better on our CORE&MORE Feed System than she did before adding CCC to to other feed company's products. All a result of a diet review.