"Without Cool, Calm & Collected I would not have managed to have such fun ..."



I have been using Cool, Calm & Collected for some time with my horse Mr. Dick. Mr D is now 19 and I bought him as a rather unprepossessing 3 year old. He is WBxTBxCob – a bit of a mixture but he has good paces and I started out with Dressage as my goal. It became apparent that he did not have the focus or attitude for this job and he could be very naughty – 20m circles whilst bronking was one of his tricks! Cool, Calm & Collected became part of his diet and really had an impact on his behaviour. He can still be a little cheeky at times, but that is a real part of his character.

So I did a re-think. I had been using my other horse for TREC and I decided to try taking Mr D, and he loved it. He is a curious horse and I think being faced with a new question with each different obstacle in the PTV part of the competition really kept him focussed and stopped him switching off. I compete in TREC with my partner and Mr D has obviously enjoyed going out with his pal on the orienteering phase.

Unfortunately whilst ‘playing’ in the field in 2013, Mr D managed to damage one hind annular ligament and both hind tendon sheaths. The outlook was not good but with the help of my amazing vet, a year off and carefully bringing him back into work we have kept going. This year has been fantastic. We qualified for the TREC GB National Championships, and in September we went to Berkshire to take part. The icing on the cake was winning the Level One Intermediate Pairs Championship!

I am now well into my 60’s and I hope that Mr D and I can keep competing in TREC Events for many more years to come. Without Cool, Calm & Collected I would not have managed to have such fun with Mr D.

- Kathrine



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