"Seeing the change in him coming off and going back on the supplement was mind boggling..."


I have realised this week, that it has now been 3 years since I started my horse Dan on the Cool, Calm and Collected and what a change it has made! I knew about the products and company from when Zoe, my sister first discovered the brand. Not having a horse at that time or being particularly involved meant I hadn't seen or understood the full effects of the products.

When I first got Dan in October 2015, he was unfit and had a bit of a grass belly slowing him down. He seemed happy to be getting fit and doing more again, but with this he seemed to get more anxious and showing sharp tendencies. We started going out to shows and they often involved me getting dumped in the warm up arena, due to misbehaviour from Dan - horses coming towards him, a horse grinding its teeth near him, all sorts set him off. However, he more often than not held it together in the ring for us to pick up a rosette or often a win.

After struggling through the Christmas period and realising it wasn't going away I called EquiFeast and started him on the mag-free Cool, Calm & Collected. During the summer I changed him onto the CoolCORE balancer, to help with his increased work load and making sure he was getting all the nutrients he needed. What I find great about the supplement and balancer was that he still has his spark and energy, but has become more rational and takes a breath when he gets worried, instead of just reacting. There have been periods of time where I didn't hack him out, because it was more stress than fun for the two of us where as now we love hacking at the weekends.

Obviously over the time I have owned Dan we have got to know each other better and have built more trust, but I strongly believe EquiFeast has been a key player in this. Towards the end of 2018, Dan got turned out in the field for his annual winter break. Having previously kept him on the calmer for his winter break, I thought I would cut it out this year to see what happened and what he would be like. We stopped feeding him the CoolCORE after his last competition, a week or so before he was going to he turned out. A couple of days he seemed a bit more electric when I rode him, but dismissed it to the cold weather, wind or where he hadn't done much and was fit. It seemed like he very much enjoyed his field holiday, with lots of running around, squealing and mischief. I thought he would get that out of his system after the first week and settle down, the whole time he was out he was happy, but not as calm as the previous year. I was so shocked that it had such an affect on him even being just out in the field and not a competition environment.

I realised that trying to bring him back into work without CCC sounded like a ridiculous idea! I ordered a starter pack of CCC supplement to start loading him before he came back in. Now back in full work and on the CoolCORE balancer it's like nothings changed, Dan is at peace again. I was always a firm believer in the products and regularly recommend them to friends who have seen first hand how he has changed for the better, but seeing the change in him coming off and going back on the supplement was mind boggling.



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