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"We started giving Khepera the supplement in his food on a daily basis and we're delighted to say that improvements were seen after only 2 or 3 days...."


At the age of 2 years, our Egyptian Mau, Khepera, suffered an accident which resulted in the amputation of his front left leg. For the next 10 years he has coped exceptionally well and lived a full and happy life. However, the wear and tear and extra strain over those 10 years has seen the development of arthritis in the right shoulder and remaining front leg, which has slowed him down considerably and despite monthly injections and daily medication, has seriously restricted his movements.

We heard about the supplement Easy Mover from our daughter who has recently joined Calinnova Ltd and after reading about the possible benefits, decided to give it a try.

We started giving Khepera the supplement in his food on a daily basis and we're delighted to say that improvements were seen after only 2 or 3 days. Now after 2 weeks the changes are very noticeable. He can now walk much further before having to stop and rest. He stands and walks a lot higher on the leg and appears more comfortable. He now ventures out to the garden more often. He seems generally more alert and moves more freely, which we can only assume is attributable to less discomfort in his leg and shoulder.

We are very happy with the results so far and will continue to give him Easy Mover.

Dave & Lyn


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Wolly is my much loved companion.  She is an 8 year old very active Lab and is constantly tearing around chasing balls and crashing over waves on our regular beach walks with my wife and I.

Unfortunately, Wolly has a real problem with arthritis and was very stiff with pain, especially when getting up or going up stairs.  She has been on a medicated painkiller for years and was getting a glucosamine supplement with her feed for added support.  Although the pain killers help her, I was becoming concerned that it was simply disguising the pain rather than helping her.

I did a bit of research and came across DrS Easy Mover For Dogs & Cats.  Based on good reviews and the products explanation of how it works with it’s four in one approach to treating the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles, we decided to give it a go.

We’ve really noticed a difference in her.  She can have some stiff moments; however, you can really tell that she is more relaxed, nowhere near as stiff, even her coat looks better!

We really noticed the change after taking her to the beach the other day.  She spends ages playing in the cold water and chasing balls and it can often take its toll on her the following day which meant we had to miss a walk to let her recover.  NOT ANY MORE! Now she is up for it, no more limping or joint clicks.  It seems to have done the job so we are very happy.  I would recommend this supplement to anyone with an older or very active dog.

Thanks DrS!

Joll, Jackie and Wolly, Devon



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