Easy Mover helped us to improve our test result and to get 70% plus!!


I have been using Easy Mover on my 19hh 18yr warmblood Vertigo (V). I have owned V since he was 3 years old and he is a shiverer. We were aware of this when we brought him and have always managed him accordingly with this. He was a late starter due to his height, and spent more time in the field as he refused to stop growing to get any long term work into him. When he did decide to stop shooting up which was around 8yrs old he was on Equifeast gold which served him well as he is a horse who hates to get things wrong, it’s either perfect or not at all! 

Due to work commitments in the last 4 years he has just been ticking over at home with no competing, but due to COVID-19 we found the time to do some online dressage. Having had such a long time away from doing any meaningful work we noticed that he was struggling to perform movements that he used to find simple and straightforward, and we were thinking with his size and being a shiverer that the time had come to retire him from competitive work and let him become a happy hacker.

We were using Equifeast CoolCORE on another horse and whilst browsing the website I came across Easy Mover and decided it was worth a try on V. So in the first month before we started on the supplement he scored 63% in a novice test but it was a case of lucky to score that as he was stiff and tense. We started the Easy Mover a few days later and the improvement from V was marked. He was freer, more forward thinking and far more receptive to aids. This resulted in an improvement in his next test to 70% plus! Absolutely delighted with Easy Mover and so pleased that V is finding his work much more enjoyable and that his athleticism and performance is back.

Thank you EquiFeast!!




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