Paddy was a typically spooky chestnut Thoroughbred with four white socks. Living on Cotswold limestone he could never have been calcium deficient. Which was why it took us a number of years of wasted time with magnesium before we tried him on a chelated calcium supplement. We have far more idea how it works these days but back then it was a pretty crazy idea. 

Crazy but it worked. He and I had just had a frustrating spooky schooling session so I put him in the stable and poured 1/2 litre of our expensive cage bird calcium supplement down his throat. 25 minutes later he let out a big sigh and went back to the school for a settled session with no spooks. IT DOESN'T ALWAYS WORK THAT EASILY!

That was in 2008. So a number of trials later and with a patent application in, we launched the modern form of Cool, Calm & Collected into the UK market. We have spent the next ten years refining how to use chelated calcium for best effect. This is why we spend so much time and effort convincing people to drop magnesium and sedating herbs from their horse diets because those simply counteract what chelated calcium seems to do - which is to help get the brain working as nature intended.

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