We realise that our regime that only feeds most of our supplements five days a week is rather unusual but it is based on about 30 years experience selling chelated calcium (though the benefits almost certainly apply to many other nutrients too).

Many nutrients (including chelated calcium in CoolCORE and most of our Essentials products) are stored in the body. Those stores are responsible to maintain a steady level in the blood and other body fluids. Our experience over many decades is that this process works best when exercised. And the best way to exercise it is to have “off days” every now and then. Hence our usual regime for horses is to feed our supplements and balancers just 5 days a week.

Some of our customers swear by keeping the off days together. Others report better results by splitting them. So we recommend you start with a regime that works for you and we can modify that during our “Fine Tuning”” process if needed.

How crucial is it? Well for most horses it isn't a big deal. But if you have mares that are about to foal or in very early lactation the better they manage their calcium and chelated calcium the less stressful they will find their early lactation. The same applies to dairy cows!