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Please note the purpose of this review is to help customers and prospective customers to eliminate things from their horse's diet that we believe conflict with the fundamental principles of an EquiFeast diet. That means eliminating artificial sources of magnesium, GABA agonists and GABA modulators. If you disagree with these ideas please do not waste your time filling in this form.

There is very little science on magnesium in horses. What there is we believe supports our position. Clearly many feed and supplement companies do not agree with us. You can find links to much of the science in the magnesium section of our website. Please read that, do your own research and draw your own conclusions.

As for GABA agonists we know of absolutely no scientific studies on horses that show whether they are safe or unsafe in equines. We base our beliefs on anecdotal feedback from customers who have shared their negative experiences with us and the knowledge that many GABA agonists are on the FEI and USEF prohibited substances lists. You can find out more here. Our purpose with this review is to give you the very best chance of getting the best possible benefit from our feeds and supplements. If you are comfortable feeding GABA agonists to your horse please do not waste your time filling in our form or buying our products.

This review doesn't count calories or protein percentages. If you want that sort of diet review please use an independent equine nutritionist or veterinary surgeon.

Click here for an explanation of the things we will be looking to eliminate from the diet, helping you get the very best results from our unique products.


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At EquiFeast we hate it when our products don't achieve what our customers are hoping for, and that has driven us to do a lot more R&D than most firms our size. That R&D has told us that what we used to think about magnesium and many herbs is just plain wrong. And it turns out that the published science agrees with us:



What is scary is the huge number of horse feed products that have artificial magnesium supplementation in them and the growing number of feeds with mind-bending herbs added. In most cases these herbs are used for their palatability benefits. But they still affect your horse's brain.

Only once we have eliminated these "anti-nutrients" do we feel comfortable to recommend a diet plan to help get your horse behaving and performing at its maximum potential.

To achieve great results we have developed our own feed system - CORE&MORE.


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