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Behaviour (brain supporting "calmers")


EquiFeast has come a long way since introducing the first patented chelated calcium calmer into the market in 2009. That was Cool, Calm & Collected. An extensive R&D program has led to a greater understanding of what chelated calcium can do (far more than just behaviour) and how other common nutrients reduce its effectiveness. 

The vast majority of chelated calcium products are now sold with a feed balancer (vitamins, minerals and amino acids) and mostly with no added magnesium or herbal ingredients. The majority of new customers now buy our CORE&MORE Feeds because that is the easiest way to create diets that are not contaminated with magnesium and herbs from other manufacturers. But our supplements range still exists and chelated calcium calmers are available with a variety of different nutrients supporting mobility and performance as well as digestion and other health issues. We have grouped these supplements together to make it easier for you to select the best option for your horse. Feel free to use our free diet review service to help you with product selection. 

A “loading period” is required for our behavioural supplements, initially using one of our various Starter Packs. After loading, the Follow On pack is one of the most price competitive calmers on the market.

Supplement groupings are listed below:


All Behaviour Support Products

Brain Food with Balancer

Brain Food with Balancer and Mobility Support

Brain Food with Balancer for Specific Health Issues

Brain Food with Balancer for Elite Performance

Brain Food but NO Balancer

Brain Food with Digestive Support but NO Balancer


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