Flying bucks with spins and dropped shoulders...completely stressed!!





Hi, I wanted to let you know about our amazing experience with your product.


We started using it in April, we had a pony that lived on nerves from the moment we bought her, flying bucks with spins and dropped shoulders, completely stressed, gave her a year to settle then thought enough was enough now we, need help... this is when we contacted EquiFeast.


Izzy over the last 5 weeks has turned a corner since being on CoolCORE, she has successfully and calmly been to show jump training, xc training, out hacking and came 2nd place in an online dressage Intro test with a score of 72.5%.


Absolutely delighted, thank you all, for your help and support, Izzy is now becoming a pleasure to ride, by my daughter Jenny and by myself.


Many thanks




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