Some said a bullet was the only cure for the ‘lunatic behaviour’

‘People were constantly putting Areosa and myself down and saying her lunatic behaviour won’t allow us to go on a relaxing hack. Even attempting to get Areosa past new horses in a field was a mission, and that was in hand not ridden! It’s true to say she was a fire breathing dragon who was incredibly ‘quirky sharp’.

Fortunately Becky Holden (Trainer) recommended EquiFeast to me. A mixture of patience, time, training and EquiFeast has changed my life. I was able to confidently hack Areosa past some horses in a field, just this alone was a huge step forward for us. She was so completely relaxed that I bit the bullet and hacked her around a forest. During our hack we came across walkers, dogs and other riders and my girl was impeccable and I am truly immensely proud of her!’





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