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Horse Mobility Three – The role of calcium signalling in tendons, ligaments and muscles

The first two articles in this series have discussed nutrients that most people interested in horse performance and welfare will have heard of. They have been around a long time and lots of firms offer various single ingredient or complex blends of them. At EquiFeast we would love to know exactly how our products work [...]

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Horse Mobility and the joints

If you’ve ever suffered from arthritis or torn cartilage you will understand how agonising joint pain can be. Damage to joints over time, or as the result of an injury is just as possible for a horse as it is for a human. Logic tells us that making the materials that make up the cartilage [...]

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5 Ways to Feed for Energy Without Compromising Behaviour

So, you need the energy source for your hard working steed, but could do without the wild-animal-like behaviour? We hear you! Perhaps you spend oodles of time scouring the backs of feed bags double checking digestible energy content in each and every pellet, or perhaps you’re still in that experimental stage, trying to establish what type of feed is [...]

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A guide to stable hygiene

The colder months are approaching fast, and with that, so is our stable preparations. It’s always good practice to keep the stable as fresh and clean as possible - unwanted vets bills can be avoided by ensuring you are doing your best to keep your horses environment cleansed. Here’s 4 ways to get the jump [...]

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What does Spring and Summer mean for laminitis sufferers?

So the warm weather is threatening. The grass is going mad and everyone with a laminitic prone horse or pony is rather concerned! Hopefully you have managed to get some weight off your horse over winter. If you haven’t, it is going to be really hard to stop it piling on over summer because horses are programmed to do exactly that.Laminitis [...]

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Feed causing fizz…we know about avoiding high starch/sugar but what else?

It’s pretty much a given now that we all look at avoiding high sugar and high starch diets to avoid feed making our horses silly. The science tells us this works and in many cases it does!But what about when we are feeding low starch/sugar and still struggling with silly behaviour?In our experience, the third element owners need [...]

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Is there something I can feed for weight-gain without energy?

In short – No!Weight gain requires calories, calories = energy. So it’s nigh on impossible to have one without the other.However energy isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it doesn’t have to mean bad behaviour.Bad behaviour is often associated with feeds that are high in starch and sugar levels, so choosing a calorie source that is low in [...]

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In the Spotlight: MORE Muscle

Click Here to purchase MORE Muscle- Quality protein source- Supports muscle growth and recovery- Natural ingredients- Highly palatable - No added magnesiumHave any questions or would like to try a FREE sample?Contact us today!

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In the spotlight: MORE Condition

Click Here to purchase MORE Condition- Low Starch/Sugar- High calorie content- Slow release (no fizz) energy- Promotes weight gain if fed accordingly- Natural ingredients- Highly palatable - No added magnesiumHave any questions or would like to try a FREE sample?Contact us today!

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Feeding horses with suspected digestive issues...

Well for starters, don’t panic! Running around buying every feed you can find containing the word ‘ulcer’ (or something along those lines!) is likely to end up being expensive and potentially cause you more issues.Here’s a few tips on what do to instead…Feed fibre and lots of it! Little and often, particularly before work as this reduces any [...]

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