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EquiFeast insight - Bursary Winner, Rebecca Neale

Get to know - Rebecca NealeAfter a event super season, we decided to get to know our Bursary winner a little better!(Image: Dave Murray)What got you into riding and when did you start?I first started riding lessons with an instructor called Becky Brain, I seem to remember a pony called SmartyPants and his hijinks during lessons! I think [...]

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A helping hand with mobility

We’re all aware by now of the primary ingredients used in the majority of mobility supplements (Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin), whilst different brands will contain varying levels of these elements they all tend to offer a similar support package.But there are other nutrients that may help.   In two recent trials we obtained statistically significant improvements in Suppleness, Muscle [...]

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What does winter mean for laminitis sufferers?

So winter is here, the grass has stopped growing and your horse is probably going to be spending more time in than out. So now you can stop thinking about laminitis, right?Not quite!This time of year, whilst not as commonly associated with metabolic issues as the spring, can cause just as many issues, although on the plus side, it can [...]

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What's the deal with Balancers?

Some swear by them, others loathe them. Yet what exactly are they and what’s more, can they benefit your horse?Let’s deal with the former to begin with; put simply balancers are a way of getting broad spectrum vitamins and minerals into your horse’s diet – generally aimed at aiding health, coat condition and hoof quality. They’re often a concentrated [...]

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3 Key Tips for Building More Topline

Use it or lose itYou won’t build much muscle without exercise. More so, that muscle won’t end up where you want it unless the horse is using itself properly. You cannot underestimate the importance of appropriate schooling and work in developing the musculo-skeletal system.Providing the raw materials to build muscleMuscles are crammed full of protein, so it stands to [...]

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5 Signs your horse may need digestive support

Here are 5 of the more obvious signs that your horse’s digestive tract could probably do with a little bit of TLC.1 – Sloppy Poo – To be honest, any change in the consistency or the frequency of your horse’s droppings can be indicative of a change going on in their digestive system. Obviously any large differences would [...]

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'He was amazing, coped with a busy arena walk'

“I thought you might like to see this, we competed at Team & My Quest regionals at Moreton last weekend. I added an extra day of Optimax to his feed and he was amazing; coped with everything, including a very busy arena walk. He achieved individual 7th place and was part of the "Open" Winning Team! Just want to thank [...]

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Are Your Pets Ready for Firework Night?

The sight of distressed pets can really spoil the enjoyment of fireworks so here are a couple of options to try if your favourite cat or dog is scared by the bangs and flashes.There are two nutrients that will help your pet to recognise that they noises are not actually threatening. These are: Chelated [...]

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5 Nutritional Reasons Why your Conditioning Feed could be Causing Poor Behaviour

Sugars and StarchesThese are really easy for your horse to turn into fat, but the potential side effects can cause problems. Spooky behaviour is certainly one of those, so you need to be careful if using conditioning feeds containing even moderate levels of sugars and starches. Remember that at certain times of the year your horse’s pasture and hay [...]

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5 Reasons to Keep your Horse's Immune System on Top Form this Winter

5 Reasons to Keep your Horse's Immune System on Top Form this WinterWhen equestrian’s think ‘Winter Blues’, we quite often think of Mud fever, stiff joints, scraggly coats, coughing ponies and a whole bunch of other dreaded stuff. However, it is now easier than ever to help protect them throughout the colder months. During the winter, the immune system is [...]

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