Balanced Mare (no chelated calcium)

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Balanced mare is pure chaste berry powder that has been traditionally used to help maintain healthy sex hormone regulation in horses and humans. The majority of the trace minerals selected are chelated to maximise absorption and impact.


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Pack Size:
5 week pack = 525g.
Balanced Mare Application:
Add to moistened feed daily. May be split over more than one feed. 600-700kg horse: 1/3 measure, 500-600kg horse: 1/3 measure, 400-500kg horse: 1/4 measure, 300-400kg horse: 1/4 measure.
Active Ingredients:
Chaste berry powder.


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    Happy mare!!

    Posted by Mel on 30th Mar 2020

    Im thrilled with how this has helped my mare. She is a 6 yr old cob whom was becoming bolshy, bucking and ungroomable!! She was also spooky, irritable, and woukld turn her bottom on me when trying to groom and pick feet! This product has helped massively, although were yet to try ridden work again, Fingers crossed.