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Below are summaries of the experiences of different trialists provided for the purpose of informing other horse owners


Horse: Digger
Owner: Sara Caswell
Country: UK
Genetic state: n/P1 
Time into trial being reported: 2 weeks and 5 weeks
EquiFeast supplements fed: LamiCORE and MORE Fibre. MORE Work and MORE Muscle were added as improved mobility allowed more exercise after 2 weeks.

The change is amazing and his walk is incredible. He now has power, is tracking up and taking a contact. (After 2 weeks and enabling the dressage test pictured)

Digger is swinging under himself more, more confident, less reluctant and less grumpy. My neighbour commented yesterday that he is letting him stroke him in the mornings in the last few weeks, apparently he would never let him before, I never even knew this. We are finally getting a canter and only this week managed it in a school, which has been impossible for quite a while. I am interested to see through the next few months whether it improves more, but the real test will be in winter, as that is when he is very symptomatic. 

All of my hacking buddies are commenting on how much better he looks and seems and his canter transitions, his top-line is really improving too.

Attached is a picture of us doing dressage a couple of weeks ago.


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