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Avisafe disinfectant is effective against Coronavirus at a 1:50 dilution rate!

Our manufacturer has confirmed that Avisafe disinfectant is effective against Coronavirus at a 1:50 dilution rate! It is also DEFRA approved against Avian Flu providing protection for both you and your horse.Avisafe has a verified pass for both Feline and Human Coronavirus. This covers all enveloped viruses including all coronaviruses.Hygiene matters...Defra approved disinfectants should [...]

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The horse digestive system

Dengie has made a wonderful video that describes the horse's digestive system in a way that even I can understand. We love Dengie because (except for one product - Healthy Tummy) they don't add magnesium to their products. So we recommend them to thousands of people every year. Dengie products make the ideal complement to our CORE [...]

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You don't always need a calmer (Sam Waddington)

"I think I have had a salutary lesson in not to grab a supplement because you need something now. I've been using Essential Daily Care as my local tack shop had it in, but they changed hands and don't stock it now. So I grabbed another "similar" product (we are not naming it as it [...]

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Top 12 ways to manage your horse's pollen allergy

If you know your horse has a pollen allergy, however it manifests itself, some of the following are a great idea to try to manage the problem before having to resort to drugs such as steroids – which have their own set of risks and side effects. Especially if you can get ahead of the season and in advance [...]

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Feeding Electrolytes - a simple overview

Hot weather and electrolytesHorses that are exercising often sweat to keep cool. That sweat is full of electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride in particular), which are simply lost by accident. 'All known higher lifeforms require a subtle and complex electrolyte balance between the intracellular and extracellular environments. In particular, the maintenance of precise osmotic gradients of [...]

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In the spotlight: WINNINGEDGE Electrolytes

Click HERE to purchase our WINNINGEDGE Electrolytes.

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In the spotlight: Cool, Calm & Collected

Click Here to purchase one of our Cool, Calm & Collected Starter Packs- Natural ingredients- Highly palatable- No added magnesium- Calming and concentration without sedationHave any questions or would like to talk to use about your horses diet? Contact us today!

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In the spotlight: MORE Work

Click Here to purchase MORE Work- Low Starch/Sugar- High calorie content- Slow release (no fizz) energy- Promotes weight gain if fed accordingly- Natural ingredients- Highly palatable - No added magnesiumHave any questions or would like to try a FREE sample?Contact us today!

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Germany sets new limits on human magnesium supplements

These are much lower than the levels we feed many of our horses !Malcolm Green, Research Director, EquiFeast. 2 Jan 2018“The maximum level for magnesium in food supplements consumed by adults (humans) should not exceed 250 mgs” – says the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment(Nutraingredients.com Dec 20171). That is way less than the amount of magnesium added [...]

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The nights are officially getting darker…we know, it sucks! With the change in seasons and the prospect of bringing your horse in overnight, we need to start thinking about what to feed our horses for the winter.It’s pretty much a given now that we all look at avoiding high sugar and high starch diets to [...]

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