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The nights are officially getting darker…we know, it sucks! With the change in seasons and the prospect of bringing your horse in overnight, we need to start thinking about what to feed our horses for the winter.It’s pretty much a given now that we all look at avoiding high sugar and high starch diets to [...]

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Tryptophan - A How To Guide

What is Tryptophan (L-Tryptophan)? Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that is vital to your horses health, yet not produced in the body - it must be fed. Tryptophan is also a precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin (contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness). If you would like to find out how best to supplement your horse with [...]

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The problem we have where tryptophan is concerned is that the science that has been done all suffers from a simple fundamental flaw in that it makes the assumption that calming and sedation are the same thing. That means the tests that have been developed actually test sedation. As tryptophan doesn’t sedate (which is a [...]

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The Missing Link in Hoof Support

IntroductionDo they all link? And are we missing one? Until now most hoof support supplements have been based around biotin, methionine, MSM, Zinc and Copper. As discussed in the previous article each do play their role in healthy hooves. Looking at the ingredients label, most supplements will add a few extras; however have we [...]

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How to find a feed that puts YOU in control…of energy, behaviour and condition

How do you get more impulsion in your dressage test without the involuntary fly buck? How do you get adequate energy levels without going up a girth size? It’s a minefield…Step one: First forage, the rest laterFocus on getting your horse on high quality pasture or hay that is naturally high in fibre and low in carbohydrates. Once you [...]

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The Difference Between Joint and Mobility Supplements

More and more we are reading about the emerging science of biomechanics as it relates to our horses’ performance and welfare. That is great because it gets us to look at the animal very holistically. And what it highlights is that good mobility is about the whole musculo-skeletal system working in harmony.Equine nutrition is a [...]

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21st Century Hoof Support

Horses have evolved over millions of years to run barefoot over rough ground and eat poor quality forage. In the wild, a horse with poor feet would have been one of the first to be predated. Our modern domestic horses are fed rich diets and often kept on the extremes of soft pasture and/or concrete. [...]

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Horse Mobility Two – tendons, ligaments and muscles

A great amount of emphasis has been placed on the nutrients that are components of cartilage and synovial fluid (ie the joint tissues) but much less time and effort has been invested in the tissues that actually hold the joints in position. These are tendons, ligaments and muscles. We think this is a mistake because [...]

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Horse Mobility Three – The role of calcium signalling in tendons, ligaments and muscles

The first two articles in this series have discussed nutrients that most people interested in horse performance and welfare will have heard of. They have been around a long time and lots of firms offer various single ingredient or complex blends of them. At EquiFeast we would love to know exactly how our products work [...]

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Horse Mobility and the joints

If you’ve ever suffered from arthritis or torn cartilage you will understand how agonising joint pain can be. Damage to joints over time, or as the result of an injury is just as possible for a horse as it is for a human. Logic tells us that making the materials that make up the cartilage [...]

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