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How we sort out your horse's brain

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We have a three pronged approach to bad behaviour in horses. This process is designed to get the horses brain (and sometimes other organs like the gut and the muscles) working as nature intended. When we achieve that horses soon recognise the world isn’t full of threats and that enables them to concentrate on the job in hand whether that be working for you or simply eating calmly in the field:

1.Eliminate brain impairing things from the diet. Primarily this means artificial magnesium but also brain impairing herbs and nutrients like taurine.

In recent months there has been an alarming increase in the use of herbs to improve palatability in horse feeds. Many of these herbs (chamomile, fenugreek etc) contain chemicals called GABA agonists that hit the same receptor in the brain as diazepam (Valium). If you have ever taken Valium you know the leaflet warns about driving a car or operating machinery. So perhaps we should worry about feeding these things to our horses and then going on scary hacks or riding across country.

These days this is perfectly simple in the UK if you combine many of the “straights” available with a balancer from our CORE range and protein/energy from our MORE range: Here is an article to help you:

2.Providing chelated calcium which seems to be commonly deficient in both high and low calcium pastures and seems to help a process called calcium signalling. This is built into all bar one of our CORE balancers. Chelated calcium takes about a month to load so we generally implement these first two initially and “fine tune” towards the end of that first month with:

3.Short term nutrients that may be depleted whenever the horse experience stress (we use tyrosine and tryptophan for this). Digestive support if we feel that digestive pain may be an issue. And, surprisingly because the science doesn’t support it) about 3% of horses benefit from truly tiny amounts of added magnesium – MUCH smaller amounts that those in most feeds and balancers.

Sometimes we will use the level 3 ingredients from the start following consultation with the rider.

So the starting point of our process is for the rider/owner to describe the horse and its issues and it current diet and we will make a recommendation from there usually based on our CORE&MORE feed system which we have developed to overcome the excess magnesium incorporated into most more traditional feeds and balancers.

We look forward to helping you. Send us you horse and diet info here:


Or email: mailto:advice@EquiFeast.com

Or ring us on 01453 836974

Her is a very brief selection of our product options:

CoolCORE Starter - our best selling calming balancer. This is the pack for the first month. Subsequent packs are about £20 cheaper.

Cool, Calm & Collected - Brain food only. Similarly subsequent packs are about £32 cheaper

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