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Performance Bursary Winner

Congratulations to Rebecca Neale, our Performance Bursary Winner - 2016!

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'If I thought the first lesson was intense, then I was in for a shock!'

Layla and I had our second lesson with Cassie Price last week ahead of Calmsden (2). Having had a successful outing to the WillBerry WonderPony Combined Training following our first lesson, I was confident that my hands and contact had been nailed! My confidence was well placed as there were only a couple of tiny moments in the whole [...]

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'Ned unfortunately did a sliding tackle on the flat - I cracked three ribs!'

So after our great first lesson with Cassie - I decided to do the exercises at home the day before Aston BE100 Saturday 17th - Typically when warming up, Ned unfortunately did a sliding tackle on the flat, tripping over a rut in the surface, nosediving the ground and I went with him. We got [...]

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'I'm amazed I stayed on!!' Cat Jamieson, Bursary Lesson Report

Great lesson with Cassie Price – we decided to jump as it’s my weakest phase, working on getting Ned going forward in the canter – he is a compact horse and finds it difficult to stretch through his neck, meaning his canter is normally in the air rather than forward and ground covering.We worked on lengthening and shortening [...]

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Calmsden Bursary Finalist, Rebecca Neale - Lesson Report

On Tuesday we headed off to Ampney Down Farm for our lesson with Cassie Price as part of the EquiFeast Bursary Finalist prize. I was a bit nervous about what a proper eventer would make of my little native pony! I needn’t have worried as Cassie and Emma (EquiFeast Team Member and Photographer for the day!) put me [...]

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How tight should your horse’s noseband be?

Malcolm Green discusses some of the latest research on how tight your horse’s noseband should be.

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Latest research into digestion and the gut flora

Following Malcolm Green's attendance at two science conferences in France, this short video outlines the latest research into digestion and the gut flora.

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Malcolm Green attends two science conferences in France

Malcolm Green (Marketing and Research Director at EquiFeast), has been in France at two science conferences and he is going to share some of what he learned with you over the next few weeks. Watch this space for further updates...

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An Ex Racer with Anxiety Induced Epilepsy

Noah's StoryI met him when he was 2 and I worked in a race yard. I always thought he was special, he went off racing and I stayed in touch with his owners. He was fairly successful but at 4 he showed signs of a tendon issue so I got a call saying if I wanted him [...]

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Changes to the CORE&MORE feed range

NEW! EssentialCORE plus product name changesFollowing the success of EquiFeast’s entry in to Feed Balancer market we are delighted to announce the launch of what is probably the first feed balancer WITH NO ADDED MAGNESIUM.Recent analysis of our customer database showed that a surprising large number of horses settled best on diets with NO ADDED [...]

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