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A guide to stable hygiene


The colder months are approaching fast, and with that, so is our stable preparations. It’s always good practice to keep the stable as fresh and clean as possible - unwanted vets bills can be avoided by ensuring you are doing your best to keep your horses environment cleansed. Here’s 4 ways to get the jump on stable hygiene and if you haven’t already, why you should prioritise it:

  1. Firstly being armed with the right tools for the job is essential! Use a product such as our Avisafe to minimise the spread of bacteria in your horses stable. Avisafe disinfectant is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and is DEFRA approved.
  2. Just wormed? All the more reason to make sure your horses stable is in tip top condition. A good worming programme is always made more effective by a clean environment.
  3. Did you know that one of the primary causes of respiratory problems in horses is due to the exposure of bacteria in the air, particularly from urine ammonia in the stable. So get rid of those dust causing cobwebs and use Avisafe to reduce the ammonia in your horses stable –especially important for foals, ponies and horses that are prone to lying down and having respiratory problems.
  4. You can get the most out of your current bedding by using Avisafe. We all know that a horses bed (whether it be straw, flakes or chippings) comes at a cost! In order to prolong the freshness the stable floor and mats need to be clean, use Avisafe to keep the bed as fresh as possible.

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