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Is your balancer making your horse Batty?

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Feed balancers are a great way to get the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that may be deficient in grass and hay into your horse. Being fed at fairly low rates (typically 250-500g a day) they don’t provide any significant calories making them ideal for good doers and even for poor doers they allow you much better control of your horse’s protein and calories with other, un-supplemented feeds.

But very often they contain nutrients that your horse doesn’t need. And even worse they may contain nutrients that actually harm your horse or make behaviour worse.

Top of that list is magnesium. All the science tells us that the control mechanisms for magnesium are poor and that means the more you feed the more builds up in the body (I know – this is the opposite of what other people are telling you). While much magnesium will be stored in the bones, blood and other body fluids get elevated magnesium (Hintz & Schryver 1973 and our blood trials support this).

We have monitored over 30,000 horses transferring to our chelated calcium calmers and balancers and found that 97% seem to do best when there is no artificial magnesium in their feed. They almost always get plenty in their grass and hay and don’t need this additive which is simply a hang-over from when we fed lots of (magnesium deficient) cereal grains to our horses. Those days are well behind us for most horses.

Magnesium blocks a cellular process called calcium signalling – they way we switch our cells on and off. So it impairs brain function. This explains why it is used in anaesthetics and is recorded by the FEI as a sedative. There are at least two scientific studies that show it has the same effect as the veterinary sedative Acepromazine (Sedalin).

In our experience (and the science confirms this (Pearson 2015)) is that brain impaired horses are more likely to be anxious and spooky and less able to concentrate.

So we have developed our CORE&MORE Feed system to have no artificial magnesium.

The CORE’s are feed balancers with a variety to choose from covering various other issues (like support for fat ponies, digestive support and some specific behavioural issues). We will be delighted to help you choose which balancer – just email advice@equifeast.com or send us a Facebook message: https://www.facebook.com/EquiFeast or use our contact form: https://equifeast-shop.com/contact/

The “MORE” products provide the fuel, fat cover and muscle that poorer doers and hard-working horses need. You will be surprised how little you need to feed. Here is a simple selector system to lead you through which may be ideal for your horse.

Talk to us about our FREE Diet review service. We don't think it makes sense to spend money on calmers if the Whole Diet isn't considered.

Horses look spectacular on CORE&MORE Feeds:

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