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Try Something New during Lockdown 3.0 - A "No Added Magnesium" Diet for much better behaviour.

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You have probably tried all sorts of feeds and calmers and training tricks 
to improve your horse's behaviour and way of going. 

If you are happy with were you are - stick with it. If you think there must be another way - try the EquiFeast Whole Diet Approach.

We see little point in adding calmers (or sedatives or even brain enhancing nutrients) to a diet that has brain impairing nutrients built in. The biggest of these is artificial magnesium sources and following some way behind are various herbal and amino acid products that dampen down the brain's function.

At EquiFeast we won't sell you something that could have you riding around on an intentionally brain impaired horse. Our customers tell us that by supporting great brain function the majority of horses realise the world isn't full of scary beasties and that enables them to concentrate on their rider and their work. As a bonus more relaxed brains also mean more relaxed muscles and horses that move better too.

Whether you are a happy hacker or an Olympic aspirant you will benefit from a horse with great brain function.

Our FREE diet reviews help identify those feeds and supplements that may be a problem and make a recommendation from our specially designed CORE&MORE products (often plus other chaffs and feeds that you may  be using already). Nearly always this plan involves our Chelated Calcium (Cool, Calm & Collected technology) that requires a one month loading period.

So a seven week (or longer) lockdown is the perfect time to make a change and still have time for EquiFeast's "Fine Tuning" process if needed.

Be all ready when the competition season starts again in the Spring.

Send us an email or Facebook message with details of your horse including the issues you would like to improve and the current diet (brands and rough quantities). Or you could ring us or message us through this website. Here are the contact details:

Email: advice@EquiFeast.com

Telephone: 01453 836974; from Europe +44 1453 836974

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EquiFeast

Our Contact Page.

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