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Choosing the right product


EquiFeast can help you choose the perfect horse supplement your your horse.

The numerous blood trials we have carried out since November 2011 combined with the careful monitoring of feedback from customers has enabled us to really hone in on the levels of dietary magnesium most likely to combine with our chelated calcium for the very best outcomes.

These days everyone who buys a STARTER pack is invited into the monitoring and fine tuning process which starts with an evaluation of the current diet. To simplify this and make it more consistent we have developed a way to assign different “powers” to magnesium that is:
• Naturally in the basic feed
• Added as inorganic material e.g. magnesium oxide.
• Added as chelates

All EquiFeast customers can benefit!

What does this mean for your horse?

This secret formula produces what we call our Magnesium Factor (MF). We used to like to start most horses on an MF of 0.8 because this is a level that seems to suit a large proportion of horses. However we have changed this process (January 2016) as an analysis of our database revealed a much larger proportion of horses than we expected actually performed best when the whole diet MF was 0.0 (that means no added magnesium (in feeds or supplements) just the magnesium that naturally ocurs in the pasture, hay etc.) Don’t think of this as a low magnesium diet. It still exceeds the NRC minimum recommendations, just not by too much. During fine tuning we sometimes work up to an MF of 1.2 (never above that).

Change your feed, change your horse supplement.

Small changes in diet can have profound effects on the MF. As the needs for protein and energy of horses will vary depending on whether the rider is trying to get weight on or off or build muscle or condition it is easy for the rider to change the MF without thinking.

This is probably the most common reason why the calming supplement appears to stop working. And it was also the main driving force for the development of our CORE&MORE range that provides fixed levels of key nutrients in the CORE (feed balancer) but enables you to adjudt protein and energy requirements as they change without increasing or decreasing the magnesium in the diet. This is a major breakthough for horse riders.

Working with you to achieve optimum results.

Step 1

Discuss your horse's requirements and diet with one of our experienced advisers.

Step 2

We recommend the most suitable version of a product in our range, according to your horse's diet and general needs.

Step 3

"The loading phase" - use one of our STARTER packs for 5 weeks.  An EquiFeast advisor will contact you at around 4 weeks, this will allow us to check how everything is going and make any amendments if required. Every horse is different so we need to find out just what makes it tick best.

Step 4

"FOLLOW-ON packs" - Most horses settle successfully on the chosen variation of our supplement, at this stage it is time to order the appropriate FOLLOW-ON pack.  For the few horses that require some extra help, EquiFeast's experienced customer advisors are able to "fine tune" the diet to ensure that it meets the required needs of your horse.

We have a lot of options to play with. Apart from magnesium levels we may look at digestive issues or horses with memories of high stress in the past. We are constantly working with riders to get the very best results and we thrive on those horses that prove tricky because they often teach us something new.

 EquiFeast offer various formulations of the FOLLOW-ON packs with different levels of chelated magnesium, this allows us to tailor products to suit individual diets and requirements:

MAG-FREE (contains no chelated magnesium)
LO-MAG (contains low levels of chelated magnesium, 2 heaped teaspoons of MagTUNE per dose)
MID-MAG (contains our mid-levels of chelated magnesium, 4 heaped teaspoons of MagTUNE per dose)
HI-MAG (contains our highest levels of chelated magnesium, 6 heaped teaspoons of MagTUNE per dose)

This is an open invitation for all of our existing customers to have a FREE diet review!

The database we use to calculate the MF now has the magnesium levels of most of the main British and Irish feed products. As an aside it is also interesting that the attitude of feed company nutritionists is changing. A couple of years ago they were either very sceptical or even hostile when we rang. They are now far more cooperative and interested! Simply ring or email us with the details of the feeds your horse gets [brands and quantities (scoops, suppliers measures or kgs)] and the approximate weight of your horse or pony. We will estimate the MF and, if there are behavioural or performance gains to achieve, recommend any adjustments to our package and/or the main feeds that may help.


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