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A unique balancer containing EquiFeast's Cool, Calm & Collected, designed to provide everything required to maintain the health of horses and ponies.

CoolCORE Digest contains EquiFeast's patented VCAL chelated calcium*. This product also contains Tyrosine, an amino acid that serves several important purposes in the body including the creation of hormones like dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine. In addition CoolCORE Digest contains a full spectrum vitamin and mineral balancer with additional ingredients help to maintain a healthy gut pH and support normal stomach mucous. These include live yeast probiotics as well as herbal prebiotics for hindgut support.

CoolCORE DIgest is designed to be fed five days per week. It can be fed once a day or split over a number of feeds.

Use this STARTER pack first if you have not used our "VCAL" containing supplements previously. After using the initial STARTER pack, the price of the "follow on packs" begin from just £42.50.

This product helps support:

  • Behaviour
  • Digestion
  • Coat and general health support
  • Essential amino acids and biotin for optimum hoof growth and quality
  • Low Starch/Sugar (Suitable for horses with digestive issues, goodoers etc.)
  • No added magnesium*
  • Alfalfa free

* Follow on packs available in MagFREE or Low-Mag formulations. Not sure what you should be using? Talk to one of our team of advisers.


This product is not designed to treat or prevent any condition. If you suspect ulcers or other digestive illness please consult your veterinary surgeon.

Calcium contributes to normal muscle function, neurotransmission, normal blood clotting, energy yielding metabolism as well as the normal function of digestive enzymes and the process of cell division and specialisation in addition to its recognised requirement for the maintenance of normal teeth and bones**.

A “loading period” is recommended initially. Use this STARTER pack if you have not used one of these EquiFeast supplements on your horse recently.

** Approved health claim on the EU Register on nutrition and health claims p5-7 of 835.

*** ULSA = Ultra Low Starch Analysis


Dosage rate for a 550KG horse, 250grams per day. 



 Wheatgerm, Extensive Vitamin, Mineral & Amino Acid Mix, and Sunflower Kernels, Pre and Probiotics.


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    Cool, calm and collected

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jun 2020

    I have struggled to get my pony to eat it, it has a very strong smell. We have started very slowly from 25g a day, so doubt we are getting the true benefit at the moment, no change in behaviour.