CoolCORE MOBILITY Follow-On - Balancer with Chelated Calcium Brain Food and our full Mobility Package

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A unique balancer containing EquiFeast's Cool, Calm & Collected, designed to provide everything required to maintain the health of horses and ponies with added mobility support. 

CoolCORE MOBILITY contains EquiFeast's patented VCAL chelated calcium. This product also contains Tyrosine, an amino acid that serves several important purposes in the body including the creation of hormones like dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine. In addition CoolCORE MOBILITY contains a full spectrum vitamin and mineral balancer with additional ingredients help to support muscle. soft tissues, ligaments and lubrication of the joints (from our Easy Mover product). 

CoolCORE MOBILITY is designed to be fed five days per week. It can be fed once a day or split over a number of feeds.

To get the most out of CoolCORE MOBILITY, it should be fed alongside an unsupplemented fibre and (if required) calorie source - See our "MORE" range. If your horse hasn't used one of our products before, a STARTER pack is required first.

This product helps support:

  • Behaviour
  • Mobility 
  • Coat and general health support
  • Essential amino acids and biotin for optimum hoof growth and quality
  • Low Starch/Sugar (Suitable for horses with digestive issues, good doers etc.)
  • No added magnesium
  • Alfalfa free


Application rate for a 550KG horse, 550 grams per day.


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