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What’s stopping you from achieving your New Year’s resolutions?

Published 25th January 2018

We’ve all been there, put pen to paper and written the list of things that we would like to achieve in the New Year. With a fresh start in our minds, we address things we would like achieve in the next 12 months.

For many of us horse owners, a common addition to this list is to get out and about a bit more with our horses. Whether that’s competing, lessons, fun rides, beach rides or just finding new and exciting hacks. So as the title of this article suggests, what’s stopping you?


Is that because you don’t have any transport? Or that you’re concerned your horse is going to refuse to reload the other end, leaving you with the question; are you going to have to let him run wild and free on Studland Beach?

If it’s the cost that’s stopping you, are you aware of the many businesses that are operating referral schemes? Offering loyal customers money off when recommending their products to friends and family. Here at EquiFeast, we thank our loyal customers for referrals by applying credits to customers’ accounts as well as that of the new customer. It all helps when saving the pennies!

If it’s the latter and your horse makes you resemble one of those beloved Thelwell Cartoons when trying to load in a trailer, have you considered systematically using a behavioural supplement? Not the kind that is packed full of magnesium and knocks him for six, but one that encourages calm and boosts confidence. 


Image credit: The Thelwell Estate


BEHAVIOUR? “My horse has meltdowns at parties!”

New surroundings can be daunting for both horse and rider alike. More often than not, the more your horse goes out and about, the more likely they are to settle. In the meantime, why not look at a behavioural supplement for your horse? There are a vast range on the market including ones that are fed as part of a regular feed routine and others that can be used systematically when you know they’re more likely to get stressed. Our advice with this – do your research! Every horse is different and what works for one horse may simply not work for another.



When it comes to your horses feed, are you feeding what your horse needs, or what you think your horse needs? You don’t need to fill your horses food bowl to the brim to “fill them up”, horses are grazers and therefore should be eating little and often. Therefore when feeding them concentrated food, make sure a quality over quantity approach is adopted. This will also help you save those pennies as your food will last longer and you’ll spend less on delivery/fuel to and from the feed shop.

Hopefully one, if not all of the above will help you make the most of what could be a pretty exciting year. We love hearing feedback from our customers on their achievements with their horses, no matter how big or small those achievements may seem to others. It’s about you enjoying and making the most of the time you spend with your horse.


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