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CORE&MORE Feed Range



 What is the CORE&MORE feed range?

We wanted to make things simple when it comes to feeding – so you know exactly what you’re putting into your horse and what you can alter in accordance to workload, condition etc.

So let’s start with the basics. The simple feeding regime we like to adhere to is the following:


Basic Fibre Source - Basic Calorie Source - Balancer


CORE&MORE focuses on the latter two parts of this feeding regime (because quite simply, we haven’t made our own fibre source…yet!).


What are the COREs?

These are our feed balancers – for an in-depth discussion on why horse owners tend to use feed balancers, feel free to read the article ‘What’s the Deal with Balancers?’.

In summary, a feed balancer is designed to be fed at a consistent rate (regardless of workload, condition etc.) alongside an un-supplemented fibre and calorie source (if required). They’re designed to provide horses with all the vitamins and minerals required to maintain general health, coat condition and hoof support.

We currently offer a choice of four different balancers, which cater for various needs:

  • EssentialCORE – Our most basic feed balancer, but still contains all you need to support general health, coat and hooves.
  • sample-pot-with-product-blog-size.jpgCoolCORE – Offers the same support as EssentialCORE, but also contains Cool, Calm & Collected. Perfect for horses who are lacking in focus, spooky or unsettled. 
  • LamiCORE – As per CoolCORE, but with added ingredients to support horses and ponies with metabolic issues.
  • WinningEdge CORE – our most comprehensive balancer, containing the same support as CoolCORE but with added digestive, mobility and immune support. A real money saver when you think of how much is spent buying a balancer, calming, digestive and mobility supplements separately!

 CoolCORE, LamiCORE and WinningEdge CORE are the only feed balancers on the market contain Cool, Calm & Collected!


What are the MOREs?

These are the feeds designed to be chosen in accordance to your horse’s needs and fed alongside one of the COREs. All of our MOREs contain natural ingredients and haven’t been supplemented with any magnesium – this means the amount fed can be varied without compromising behaviour or inadvertently altering the levels of vitamins and minerals the horse is getting (something that happens when you feed a complete cube for example).


  • MORE Condition – Can be used to promote weight gain, OR as a slow release energy source. Don’t forget energy = calories. So if your horse needs more energy, they need calories. Same applies when looking to promote weight gain. Due being concentrated, MORE condition is only fed by the mug (250g) meaning huge bucket feeds are avoided. It is also very good for fussy eaters as they seem to love the seedy texture!   more-condition-blogsize2.png
  • MORE Muscle – This is a high quality protein source designed to aid topline and general muscle development. There are also added nutrients to help the muscles to recover after exercise. MORE Muscle is slightly less calorific than MORE Condition and the two can be fed alongside each other.
  • MORE Oil – A simple and easy way to introduce calories into the diet. Cold-pressed linseed oil, no messing about and no frills. Ideal for weight gain or adding a healthy glow to any horse’s coat.
  • MORE Oomph! - MORE Oomph! is a maltodextrin and electrolyte mixed designed to be given to those horses which just need a bit of a boost to their energy levels. Psyllium is also included to help regulate the insulin response. MORE Oomph! can also be used post exercise to rapidly replenish glycogen stores in muscles. Perfect for horses in hard/strenuous work/competing.
  • MORE Tasty – Often overlooked, but MORE Tasty is incredibly handy and really seems to work! Very simple wheat germ, a small amount added to any feed (50g or so) will encourage almost any horse to eat up. tester-blog-size.png


Is the CORE&MORE range suitable for horses with digestive issues?

Yes* and for a number of reasons! Firstly, the range is free from any supplementary magnesium meaning horses on CORE&MORE are much less likely to suffer from stress or anxiety, therefore avoiding digestive upset.

CORE&MORE is also low starch/sugar and free from any artificial buffers.

*We wouldn’t recommend feeding MORE Oomph! to horses with digestive issues.


It doesn’t look like I’m feeding much?

You’re not! The CORE’s are generally fed at around half your horse’s bodyweight (this equates to roughly a mug or so per day). MORE Condition and MORE Muscle are fed by the mug, with the maximum amount of MORE Condition given to a 500-600kg horse being about 4 mugs and 2 mugs of MORE Muscle.

Even with an un-supplemented fibre alongside (such as a basic chaff) this still may not look like much in the bucket, but remember, MORE Muscle and MORE Condition are rather concentrated – a little goes a long way basically. Allowing for smaller bucket feeds and keeping the attention of fussy feeders.


How much does it all cost?

Perhaps not as much as you may expect; The CORES cost from £1 to £1.50 per day to feed.

The MORES from 50p to £1.50 per day.

CoolCORE and WinningEdge CORE offer some of the biggest savings, if you were previously buying a balancer and calmer separately – CoolCORE combines the two!

If you were buying a balancer, calmer, joint support and digestive supplement – WinningEdgeCORE combines all of those!


Are there samples available?

Yes indeed – samples are a great way to get a better look at the CORE&MORE range and give to your horse to see if they like it. Due to the unusual texture, some horses find our range a little unusual but more often than not come round to the idea! MORE Condition on the other hand seems to be adored by even the fussiest of horses!


Where can I get it?

Directly from ourselves - we charge a standard postage fee of £4.99 regardless of how much you order.


Contact us for more information or FREE Samples!

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